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Tri-Amino™ and TAFA400™ are revolutionary patent-pending formulations invented by Steven R. Schutt of Luminec Corporation for future use by the Luminec Group of Companies. Luminec Animal Sciences is the first of the Luminec Group to utilize these unique formulations. Luminec Animal Sciences products are composed of water-soluble blends of amino acids that embody all-natural-based healing agents that can be delivered through oral, inhalant, topical, and both arterial and venous administration.

The Tri-Amino™ hydrogen-bonded molecule is based on a proprietary formula that facilitates healing across a broad spectrum of medical ailments and health conditions and has been tested for verification by a series of sophisticated trials using NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). All test results indicate this new molecule is essentially non-toxic with no side effects, is considered as safe as distilled water, and carries a GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe) from the FDA.

“In addition to offering transformational healing products throughout the developed world, it is our goal to provide underprivileged individuals in third world countries with a unique stand-alone formula in the form of a broad-spectrum topical lotion for the treatment of diseases and most skin injuries (including burns). With full regard for basic human rights, it is our intent to deliver this product in a cost-effective manner never seen before.”Steven R. Schutt and John Everding, Founders
Tri-Amino™ in hydrous solution inundates and bonds to the nucleic acids within the unstable nuclei of dysfunctional cells. The resultant biosynthesis causes the unstable nuclei within the cells to align and become stable, returning the cells to their normal functioning as programmed by their  original  DNA coding which is still implanted within their DNA structure. This mechanism also causes reactivation of the Proliferative phase regulated by the DNA, thus significantly accelerating the healing process.

It is significant to note that the treated body cannot form immunity to the superb anti-inflammatory action of Tri-Amino™ due to the biosynthesis causing cellular stability. The molecule is not a pharmaceutical drug and has multiple applications in the treatment of both animal and human health issues. Luminec Life Sciences, a division of Luminec Corporation, presently has more than 800 written endorsements from patients and doctors, plus 587 testimonials from veterinarians and pet owners, each one attesting to the amazing effectiveness of our patented molecules.

TAFA400™ combines the Tri-Amino™ molecule with Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA), an internationally patented Fulvic Acid, to create all-natural, broad-spectrum, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral products. This formulation combining Tri-Amino™ and CHD-FA eliminates the problems encountered with mineral derived Fulvic Acid (FA) and also carries a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the FDA.

Daisy (Maltese) with TAFA400

TAFA400™ benefits from this blending of Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid in a chemically pure pharmaceutical grade with the Tri-Amino™ molecule, producing the most effective non-toxic, all-natural, broad-spectrum, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral agent known to man. The treatments derived from these patent pending molecules have demonstrated properties that rapidly clean and heal broad-spectrum topical wounds, including all degrees of burns, topical lesions and ulcers, fungi, and spores, providing instant relief from pain, itching, bleeding, burning and inflammation for both animals and humans.

TAFA400™ prevents toxic microbes, viruses and fungi from forming immunity to the action of the fulvate component due to its superb ability to bond to the protein portion of the covering membrane of microbial cells, viral forms and fungi. TAFA400™ exhibits broad-spectrum anti-viral activity against most envelope viruses such as Vaccinia, SRS, Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C and Influenza, including H5N1. This new molecule notably maintains all the anti-inflammatory benefits of Tri-Amino™ and adds the superb anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects of Fulvic Acid without any toxic side effects. The molecule also accelerates the speed of Tri-Amino’s anti-inflammatory action. TAFA400™ has an antimicrobial spectrum broader than any conventional prescribed antibiotic. It acts synergistically with penicillin’s and gentamicin. It is proposed that TAFA400™ acts non-specifically on the cell wall of microbes, making it an ideal antiseptic to be used where the infecting organism has been identified and more so where an infection is exacerbated by a destructive inflammatory reaction.

“Steven Schutt & Luminec Corporation have, over the last four years, achieved remarkable results, combining Tri-Amino™ & Fulhold’s Fulvic Acid, creating TAFA400™.”Stephen W. Leviers, Director & Chief Scientific Officer, Fulhold Pharma, June 2014

Steven Schutt Interview

Scientist and Luminec co-founder Steven R. Schutt discusses the discovery and applications of his revolutionary cellular regeneration formulas Tri-Amino™ and TAFA400™.

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